Form Cut manufactures wire form parts of all shapes, application types, and formable metal types – including electronics and telecommunications.

We can also combine multiple processes depending on your application, including stamping, bending, milling, and machining.

wire form parts, machined threads, copper cored

Machined Wire Form

Comprised of stainless steel with a copper core (which you can see in the end on the right side), this part features machined threads and a milled groove, which serves as a locking feature. Used in a relay assembly, the part is 1” long by 0.25” in diameter.

bent-copper-wire-form, copper connectors

Copper Connectors

A legacy product, this copper part features 0.080” round copper wire flattened at one end and squeezed to 0.015 of an inch – and then bent into a “C” shape. The top of the flattened section is a working platform where engineers solder a connection.

wire-form-hooks, copper


These various hooks serve the same purpose as pins that have flattened and pierced ends: the end user connects wire to the loop. Form Cut can create wire form hooks from various materials. The hook at the top of the photo is a composite copper material. We can form various sizes of hooks, open or closed hooks, and straight or chamfered ends.