Form Cut utilizes all formable metals, in-house tooling and precision quality control methods to create components that meet standard specifications or our customers’ stringent design requirements.

Because the parts we make are very small, all are inspected with a 10 power eye loupe and handled with specialty tweezers.

hermetic feedthrough pin assembly


Whether used as an “electrical lead in,” a connector, or as part of hermetically sealed assemblies, we can manufacture pins of all shapes and sizes, including stamped or machined ends, cutouts, bent pins, and other features.


Wire forms

From hooks to machined parts, we can manufacture wire forms to your exacting specifications.

Specialty parts

Have a new application? Need a part made to solve a challenge? Take a look at some of the unique parts we’ve created for companies around the globe.

All pins, wire forms, and parts are made at our Newark, NJ facility by craftsmen with decades of experience.