Customers often ask if we can create metal parts for specialty applications. Our answer is “most likely, but send us your drawing.”

If you’re an engineer working on a new application, we can also provide part design and material selection assistance. Just give us a call.

Below are a few examples of parts we’ve manufactured for various types of applications, including automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

stainless steel guide pins; machined parts

Bearing Pins

A bearing pin that’s been electropolished, this 0.125” diameter by 1.0” long pin plays a key role in the computer back-up cassettes used by the financial industry. The stainless steel pin guides the tape through the cassette; the inner shoulders keep the tape aligned, the two outer shoulders hold the pin inside the plastic cassette.

machined brass parts

Machined Brass Parts

This brass part has multiple machining features. Using 0.080” diameter brass wire, the part has three machined areas. One end has a reduced diameter for fitting into another component; the groove machined into the center is used for retaining the alignment of the part; and the other end features a machined straight end.

stainless steel machined plugs

Stainless Steel Plugs

Used by a company that manufactures products from tubing, these machined stainless steel plugs are 0.125” in diameter by 0.33” long. The customer puts these plugs into the ends of tubing to seal them off; the recesses on the plugs allow air to escape.

52 alloy custom machined contact points

Contact Points

This photo shows two different parts – both of which are contact points of explosive charges used for defense applications. Made from 52 Alloy, the part on the left features a 0.70” shank, a 0.135” head, and overall length of 0.155”. The part next to it is 0.050” diameter and a 0.155” head – an extreme sized head for this size of wire.

tin-plated copper wire form parts, small wire parts

Tiny Hooks

These parts are tiny, and they blow away at the slightest sweep of air. Made of tin-plated copper, these unique hooks feature a tiny 0.010” diameter and are 0.125” long.

kovar pins, kovar wire form pins

Tiny Pins

The extreme side of small! Form Cut is the only company in the world to make radiused pins this small. Made from Kovar, the diameter is .007”, 2x the thickness of a human hair; the length is .090”. Look closely: the pin features a radius on one end; the other is square cut. 32,000 pieces fit into the thimble.