Form Cut strives to provide a turn-key service to customers — for on-time delivery of parts made to your exacting specification.

We provide the following processes in-house:

  • Cold heading — Machines that allow us to form “nail” type parts with heads many times the wire diameter.
  • Escomatic screw machine — Also known as Swiss Screw Machining. This method of fabrication will form multiple diameters on a part by machining or removing material.
  • Four-slide wire forming — These machines allow us to integrate, on one machine, the cutting, forming, and stamping of high volume metal parts to tight tolerances.
  • Knurling — The process where we can add straight, angled or crossed lines to your part to aid in retention with a mating part or material.
  • Pointing — Adding an angle, semi-cone or point to your pins or other parts to aid in the insertion into another component or material.
  • Thread rolling — Just as the name implies, adding threads to your parts.
  • Abrasive deburring — As part of our process, we debur all parts.
  • Plating after forming — Commercial and electronic grades available; please inquire!