If you do not see the materials you are interested in listed, ask us. We utilize all formable metals in the manufacture of our products.

Form Cut produces wire tooling in-house.
Glass to Metal Sealing
Form Cut fabricates precision miniature metal parts.
Plated Wire

Form Cut manufactures brazing pre-forms.
Exotic Alloys

Precision Steel Forms

Precision Stainless Steel Parts
Stainless Steel

Precision Copper Alloy Parts
Copper Alloys
Glass To Metal Sealing Alloys

(Per ASTM & MIL-I 23011)
· 52 Alloy
· Kovar
· 426 alloy (42-6 alloy)
· Copper Cored Wire (52 alloy/Kovar/426/446)
· Nickel and Nickel Alloys

Plated Wire

· Tin or Solder Plated
· Silver or Gold Plated
· Nickel Plated

Exotic Alloys

· Titanium
· Molybdenum
· Tantalum


· Low Carbon
· High Carbon
· C 12L14

Stainless Steel

· All Grades
· Inconel X-750

Copper Alloys

· Copper
· Phosphorous Bronze
· Brass
· Zirconium Copper
· Nickel Silver
· Beryllium Copper
· Glidcop